Tmfifty: substitute.
I do not know subtlety; I mourn
The flymabysmal of justice absolute,
Echoes of you standing on
Platinstratus platforms and forgotten norms
Of professional etiquette, late-on-arrival protest
To he who isn’t like the rest.

To see me is to see me stumble:
A lazy effort like a feline sleep,
Twitching at the thought of
Saline substances in minced meat
And a constant stirring of broken water
Bringing colour to my shaking surface.

Grow early, become with haste;
Youth is something that you build.


5 thoughts on “Legionnaire

  1. I’m sure his were completely at random 😛 Nope, that’s because I genuinely like only half of the poem and don’t want to feel… aesthetically immoral. Could be discussed through emails, of course *strokes imaginary beard*
    (and you didn’t reply to my question about the ‘shallow’ shadows!)

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