be ak, be forty-seven –
to act fourteen at twenty-four,
you’re either gonna rule or
be ruled out,
find yourself or be found out,
crash waste deep into
knee-high remission,
fall victim to a helpless compromise.

deaf by way of habit,
death returns by way of accident;
I’ve been had one time too many,
fooled into drunken animosity.
hopper’s habit on a short leash,
frightening new condition turning
gently at the hip, bringing colour to
a spotless reputation.

five years late but still
on schedule –
hard & heavy catalogue of
poorly appropriate lux:
bed drugs & bad drugs,
irony and ecstasy.
high and harmless pull of
young discovery.

demons out to make the most of me,
take the most from me,
free me from my baptism.


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