Koinophile (sweet average me)

J-rocks, N-papers, xfillings for an open mouth
Just recently found out, talent risen from
The missing teeth that tongues replaced,
The broken alphabet of any long forgotten race
Recovered to the point of noct and vague
Irrecognition. Interferon alfa gamma delta,
Dealt just one of many blows and figures
Pushing rows of numbers through the veins
Of my discomfort.

Born similar to all: it’s all about the oil.
Sepsis labelled sendai, sent head and
Scissors long into disaster, slow and fast and
Very cheap to hire – taught by one to
Shy and savour and only then return
To sins of Fire, the chains that hold me
Hero to the glory of a theft that’s
Sure to get me hell when I was promised

A practice I’ve by habit honed,
Slitting arteries so volume overload
Won’t overtake the pain. Yes the same,
And wont to take on duties of another’s needy
Flesh, a brother’s thirst for virus. Role reversed and
Top first, love that came to be a loss instead.
A shame that by the time I finished she was coarse,
Not just dead but a corpse, carcass with an eye
For demonstration.


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