mesonyx (acreodic acolyte)

ARS not argentine,
shoulders ripe for teeth to sink into –
it’s dark nike alright-y,
lapsed rhetoric and emerging market rape
for a tough and huffing son of whore,
son abhorred for sticking to convictions
much like war crimes, such as stories
shared with brothers over wonders
of a third world homeopathy –
rescue salves and slit calves
in a background of sharp weapons,
growing pains and viking gains
in the spirit of an estimated saracen,
esteemed but not by many,
estranged not near enough.
indian hybrid of a concept
once termed VIOLENCE,
now compliant with the
sharp ends of stray elbows
and the sorrows of a marian
mourning virginity that
wasn’t HERS to lose.
latinxs and liturgics in
a ritual of vice, primal instinct
thrice denied and
willing to put up a fight.
holy saccharide, unworthy sacrifice made
of thinner blood than twin blood –
89% the same but still eleven knots remain
between our perfect state of fusion,
our growing state of separation.


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