Generic Lovesong for Guitar, Cymbal Percussion and Accompanying Orchestra of Acid Synths and Distorted Electronic Samplers (Because Subverted Texture is Everything to HXC Hipsters Like Us)

Called me up, said you’re up for cups of wine and sunshine –
Liquid smiles and fuckwiles handed with offended care,
Passed down from the vague awareness of a drink that’s spiked,
A thought that’s likened to the single worst disaster since Go.
Say we’re going nowhere – we’re already there.
Desperation isn’t sexy but I don’t really care.
Satan laughing spreads his wings and covers up lost feelings
For a friend that gives to conscience empty fragments of repent.
Three kilos up on substance just don’t ask me how I’ve been –
I’m lost afraid and wheeling. Type a personality in a type-x body,
β-male available and lonely, punched and reconfigured
Until we come full circle.

Baby killing you is suicide and I’ve been feeling down,
I’ve been on the lookout for a way to make of harm my home,
Destroy the habits that I’ve honed, be free from all the love
That binds me. Went big and got down on one knee,
Promised you’d get down on two for me –
In this playground for my shadow you can be the cause of
My despair, the reason why I struggle to repair but shoot
Into my lungs impairment.

Bony to beastly, giddy to godlike, male to ideal – an empty skill
That still brings conflict to my waylaid mouth, recovers from
Lost thoughts found peaces. Substantial and radial wishes of
Intoxication by imitation, muzzle liam and liaising with the
Best across this room. Ginger-bred and shower head, careful with
The matters that I’m separating. If everything is fixable we won’t
Be the exception; I write best when I can find no recollection
Of whatever late last night had free to offer. If I took I should have,
I’m shy and shall not deviate. Misdemeanours meaning anything
I’m doomed for ever thinking I could get away with love like this,
Repent like this, be rid of the serpent spell that calls for me
And that I can’t resist.


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