Khaled, Tchambaz, Raditz:
Let-all slaves be liberated.
Seven minutes in I’m sinning,
I’m sinking to a low priority Pretoria;
Boer bass Astoria, Boaz made to throw her
Back to modest slums, cross sums of
Cards she picked at random but
Interpreted in fandom of
A culture she don’t get, an ache
She don’t forget although she’s not
Been made to go through it.
More than asian hang we roam
To find cocaine for slang;
Die Mannschaft supernumerary mission
Wishes lemms to kiss us just so
Every time I sneeze it’s Christmas.
I’m not selfish when I donate blood
But I still shake from memory.
A mental legion injury evoked
From demon spells, unwanted guests
Breathe hell upon me. For long I’ve
Called it sickness but the doctors don’t
Agree, tried to call in sick but
My boss saw too clear through me,
Said it was an Eocene obscenity
To grow this bold. Not my fault.
I was born to sustain fission,
To suffer always from a condition
Built on wit and sadist vengeance,
Neoassyrian urgency five times
In execution. Fuckstate, upstate,
I’ll understate this: just get
Vocal with your preference.
Generally speaking,
Young adult literature is written
To be printed, and all that is printed
Must burn. A good sense of humour
Will take you farther than
Three healthy legs, but still
You’ll be charged with false
Indecency. Keep your cards close,
Your harms closest – struggle wildly
When they come to hold you down,
Strip you naked in your own
Abode, tie you to a primitive,
Infected boat that will be
You only home, you fine and final
Resting place. Structure you’ll withstand
Withstandingly, understandably
Bruised and hungry, because all you’ll
Be fed will slip. Milk and honey
Power sips can mean much more than
Just constriction when you’re holding
To the image of salvation.


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