DLA (daynthehardway)

stohess: distress – this wall is coming down.
i the adversary keep coming to the closed punch
of a wall, the insect buzz of railstalls, flu and rescent
aderall when mixed with sniff and fuck-all, snort this
disk and keep it risked it shall not play a role on
tragic king and comedom. leomy you standby strict,
hirt nearby and hurting tricks at picks in second choices –
youths and boyses you thought lost but just one look
resolved inflamed, just one name brought up to blame
the fist of your offender – shy of loss but not surrender,
hoarding schloss and tearing deeper wounds on shallow
doors. gates kept welded but explored with every melting
ram, every stammer held in hand that sings with all its
fingers; combat masochism vigoured and invited as the
break-in, malevolent figure spited but bearing, smitten
and swearing it will find its cold revenge.


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