Scultpure (the allegory of vice)

Spartan techno, hyperdub – in jumping lines
We strike and scrub the lazy off our form,
The excess weight that we’ve conformed to
Just to say we’ve made it. Seems like skipping’s
Come a trend, so much drugs such little friends,
Tough lunch breaks where we pretend we’re
Just not hung not hungry. Every sickness has
A price and every vice a greatness – nerves
Control and damned awareness for damage
That will come, system failure structure scum
And muscles crumpled under tongues that
Poison from the glossing. Leg atrophy and
Tossing trophies back to where they came from,
Motor tissue breaks descend from, bones suspend
On, flesh that tears whenever picked on,
Calcifies and takes a strange form, destroys me
From within.


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