Refvirtù – masculinime and maskeradedyou,
Mere device and platitude – gollum ex
Sacrorum ix revealed to have you beaten to
(straightened too) heathen to his scorn,
My sex, our much referred to nothingness.
Man invented crime and woman punishment –
From behind your undercut is every rut my angle,
Really stuck but able to flip before a feeling,
Trust before a knowing display of your betrayal.
From where I’m sitting it seams pointless,
Stitches burst defying ointment, turning down
This heeling balm – electric plugs pulled from
The cord, risks we risk but can’t afford to
Take into the water. I know you’re kind but
I’m unloved is not your cue to love me,
Not your due to have me sit before this
Sliverscreen, this slithering. Restoring my
Great’s old knives and slitting, seeing to
The wounds while fitting asian blades in
Vaseline, in cleanliness. So long as the dhaar
Still bites I dare you to come near me –
Within an inch I’ll have you crying pity,
Spraying from each limb the red acidity
You say is good, superstition or stupidity
That’s understood as kept within the heat,
Edged beneath and kept in sheath until it
Has drawn blood.


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