|Squat Rack {Fighters [for Lovers (for Freaks)]}|

rly drunk, rly @ it – rly hooked but not an addict,
not yet lost enough to matter, to relief myself from every
cut that comes up on this skin, every flaw in circumstance
that’s showing from within and bringing further darkness
in, revealing, searching me for strength I can’t give-in to,
words I can’t own up to. whatever icon i’ve aspired to break,
strived to strip of all its greatness, buried to a fury – broken
arm and worrying it could’ve been one leg, could’ve staggered
to the scene of crime, bloodymess and messi hex dive, messed
up sex drive just because my grave be like JUST JUMP ME,
trump stump me, back track me, dump fuck until you have me
bowing to the pride like kicks, dumb and crying out for flame
licks, burn victim oil tricks and misfits, the weary and the


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