Choreboy Charleroi (Covert Pickup Ploy to Blow Up Mainstream Terrorism)

Malk’em boy, destroy ‘em – can they say
The predator has mercied prey, stayed the
Blade with which dismay shall sharpen
Smiles from dullness, bring a muzzle flash
From sans-suppressant agency? –

Latent power synergy destroying structure
Bringing me so closer to this edge, to gravity.
Soon I’ll crash and bury myself deep in my sobriety,
Take to draw dark history from lessons best forgotten,
Open now but soon disputed for a son too dark to stop them,
Too converted to restore the straight lines from distortion.

I remember being born, seeing blood and
Feeling torn by iron at the temple,
Pulled from outrails that resemble
Parent efforts to assemble bout the best
They’ve ever had, trying first words like jihad
To rysk’em and destroy ‘em.


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