Nu (esquisse)

serene, Love, and waiting – a figure by the door as wanting viciously to step inside, to be denied a haven. naked to the world I see them: hand drawn pastures laden with a twinshine of eyes green, a coy and conscious happening. I slipping into sequent sombre rest, stumbling upon accident; hyperripe and hopeless to come to face with ecce man, echo babaloi made restless, terribly disfigured and impressive upon virgin to the touch. look if you must see it, know it won’t amount to much; urges go before they come, lose their pull as they become: obsession. love as she confesses to have done, have discovered – open eyed and wondered as a man who dreams awake, seems to take no pains in beauty. feigning sleep’s a talent as pretence fulfils a duty, someone clears the atmosphere. ruthless, Girl, and gearing – for a rest that satisfies, takes comfort in appearance. that I am the slight for pure eyes, a thing upon the hill – dead in a way, and unwilling: to awake for someone else.


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