Orat Zeppelin IV (dead kings)

He came unassumingly, holding the head of the enemy close to his chest,
This breath full of promise: a heavy and harrowing beat of a pulse, false
And repulsive, something instinctive that tells me ASTRAY; he rebels,
Obey him – he brings now upon you the ruin you seek, the first of four
Beatings you’ll need ‘til you see, he loves you accordingly, father and
Figure and found here as son, as unholy spirit. No other can see it.
That men as we were were conditioned to place empire first, learn from
Subversion; claim as their own the destruction they said would release,
Would make of us heroes; did grant us the land of tomorrow where
Nodding we rule, sleep and obtusing – deterred and refusing to give
Them their share, devour what we’ve taken, speak of a right to be
Spoken to. From as high as the cube of this throne I will judge them,
Hatchet and ache in hand, provider providing the reprimand children
Will hate but remember. He will leave to avenge her, swear to return to
Me whole, and I know: there’s promises not even dead men can keep.


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