Orat Zeppelin V (sinthesis)

Pater hemon: give me vision; I am become nexus driven by a stitching
On the web, a sinking of the line to lure the men of sea away, break a
Nation to the waves; raise from null and void the sentiment impediment
To rule – man as he was made to – naturate and natural – immune to who
He serves, proposes to: give a name by knowing who, calling shame on:
You are ash and ash is formless; mud and dust and harm among us, one
Anointed speaking softly of The Change. Undeservingly we struggle with
The law of our descent, pick a battle with our instinct over downward
Second chance, a tribe to swear a vengeance on the head that holds above
Us, sweet and very dangerous, last trace of the rübermensch asleep and
Stirring genus in a lenient display, a flirt with disobedience – first if only
Logical of traits in the Rebellious, the woman he devours, the urge he
Contradicts to claim the age of Him aquarius; revert and turn mysterious
The guise of thee my flock, confused and benedicted. Verbal in depicted
Marks along the holy flesh, a foot in the communion: splintered where
The words begin and blinded by atonement.


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