Orat Zeppelin VI (the love that would not be)

This is all I am zayin: for as much as you keep threatening you’ll go I still
See you close, indisposed around me, brother in another’s build that keeps
At broken arm’s length, morbid and self-centred: blood that you may
Have of me for purposes of memory, of open recollection – speaking in
A silver tongue that’s forked and bi-directional, chosen and intentionally
Glyph to what we want, an escape toward the symbol. By a fingernail I
Hold you mine, narrow-hipped and simple – one of many reasons why
We double up to trample on the enemy, unsparingly. Remember: it’s a
Snake you feed, a rising sign of blood and need and poison at the mouth
Just dying to be found out, killing for the thrill of it; dripping for the easy
Fit of lips as you have placed them, hands as you’ve replaced them for
An instrument of trust, full of lusting for you. Predator and half of some
One bound to be around you, follow in the steps of your hoarse cry, my
One distraction. Cruel dissatisfaction of you want me maybe yeah, who
Can say? For a love that will not be we spill our guts, build distrust, kill
Our loved ones. And still it is never enough.


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