Orat Zeppelin VIII (in lemniscate armlock)

Again I am cast, once more I am found to be quiet and blameless before them.
One in his pride he advents, he admits to have wanted me bound, loud and
Destroying – prisoner held by a sacrament found in the will, full and fulfilling;
Recessive allele in the struggle of dark gene prevails, father’s eyes fail me –
Blue is the cruellest of colours and most unforgiving. Seek: you shall have me.
From a mouth of blood another seems to sip off where I’ve stopped, saliva at
The sudden thought of flesh between the teeth, spit across trajectory of captive
To the hand, tongue to taste the atmosphere. You say you want to teach me
And I hear you – stalk and stammer close and argue who the best to bite could
Be, who in two could give most suddenly his shape to where his shadow is a
Cloud upon the hill, a power overspilling. Laden with sensation I am Shadrach
And Meshach: ab negation exercised upon the sharpest flame, the brightest of
The Enemy. Fall to me to keep me warm: I’ll overthrow the mighty. Sword in
Fist and tender wrist on which the sentence turns, the expectation burns us.
We are children of sore muscle, building promise – roaring furnace melt upon
Us to instil a fear of fire, protosensible and senseless in the spreading a spark,


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