Orat Zeppelin IX (ignis viscerae)

in the darkness. As a Man turns to himself his blindness is the guide he must
Surpass, the image of ecstatic pulling close, burning over; inner fire in any other
Stupid form of consciousness, repentless – will suppressed and daring less to
See the world pretentiously. Inwards in a manner of speech, and barely speaking
Ill of those around him. I have searched the word and found it coiling firm around
This tongue, dripping venomous and hanging on infinity to come, a wisdom to
Reveal it: tethed and protected and forbidden. Neutral in a sense, and needed to
Uncover what’s unsaid, love unbidden. Under roof of mouth we gather to recover
From the burden, dialectic and uncertain – aurum made potabile by stones as we
Unearth them from the shifting sands of time, the weight of possibility. Added
For the sake of being lonely, feeling empty; virgin in a world appearing cold and
Condescending. As a Man must learn the form, procure the formless – resolute
And made remorseless by a shimmer in the Light.


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