Orat Zeppelin XI (librian halves)

He destroys: he departs. Upon boasting of the halves he’s separated
He agrees; I surrender; one is me and one is someone who I think
Could be I2, one who looks alike me but it too him to acquiesce, too
September to engage, thin the blood of broken language, taint the
Perfect image of a tense and troubled past, a rapturous coincidence.
Scales and sword in failing hand, a passionate indominate in homo
Lupus dei, magnus in the practice of DENY PRETEND ACCUSE,
Feel like you’ve just used it for the sake of the allegory. To break,
And then come find me; to play upon the habit of a lonely not alone,
Prone but never at it – Venus removed from the manic display of this
Love, lewd and in transit, nerotic invasive in uneasy hands, wet and
Unsteady, ready to take from what builds. She sees: it seems numerous
– impervious come to take names, steer from what saves us and keeps
From the spilling of man, tipping of balance: wail and unpleasant and
Here to breed war, wreak havoc. Cardinal virtue as held to the light, lied
To and striking a silence from words, punish the hurting – blind and
Deserving to tear cape in half, saint in the service of pound in the flesh,
I in the restless – him in the best of what little I keep.


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