Orat Zeppelin XII (inept and in tune)

Here I hang, there you have me: defamed and defiled and defending
My thoughts to the world, the worst of obsessions unfolding through
Eyes of a crowd, crown on a saviour – loud and offensive behaviour
In sullen display, blunt and dismaying: vice to own up to by properly
Saying “I’m flawed; I have failed you” – I long to be like but am only
As strong as my flesh, as vulgar as any desire can make me. Magus in
The image of a mirror turned from smoke, glass and stroke and every
Thing too fragile to sustain, too slight to keep on giving. I suspense,
Upending from an aged and weighing ounce, wisdom I denounce by
Stating openly these needs, these fill-a-foot come near mes. Hierar-
Chal and made dangerous by spread the word around me, be the
Circle that surrounds the very failing law of gravity, scarred and in
Violate. Hammered in the primal sense of rope come meet this neck,
Come savour every restless body jerk as near the end, pining for the
Distance and pretending that she knows, she cares, she wants: aching
And the last of stones to cast, sentence to attach itself a hanging god’s


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