Orat Zeppelin XIV (solve est coagula)

You say more: you mean better. Every cup is just another holy fire
To reckon with, water poured as sacrament identical and strange,
Metal pouring heavy over vein and sharing fugue – ash upon you –
Mark that even Cain can have you feign regret on leaving: easy now,
But having – as a part of what’s thought lost and ending only as you
Go, Man as every part of wanting only to not want, separating eloquent
And lacking proper words, stopper habits: leaving as the only of my
Violent can have its, you the static image of the relevant, the revenant
ECSTATIC as he pulls, speaks full of me – is the one and single truth,
Coagulate and misused in the bridging of what differs, what is blonde,
Forgotten shivers down the ex-communication; you the designate
Empowered for this formula, protectionate and hermulate in come to
Hither Be: serpent and in mercury the form to sun decapitate, moon
And each de-generate around the harvest dread, sombre pull and
Overhead oo name a true successor; breed suppressed and once
Addressed to act the common anguish, the one and only vanishing
Depression in the curve, deceived and undeserving: solve est coagulate
And one with every hurting turn of prophecy: hand upright in clarity of who
You serve you better, hopeless in endeavour of he does, he does not favour
– you alone in the whatever say you mean to think it’s true: yes I see you.
You dissolve but still I have you for the factual you’re not, truth you thought
To be but cannot bring us to the justice. Blind I guess, and the accomplice
In how far, how hard can have it: in the parting of the two.


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