Orat Zeppelin XV (kolossós sataná)

Upon lonesome rock I dive, at the breakers dead I gather. Blighted and
Crowned I am a wonder of an ancient world, a relic of destruction; memory
Of permutation between dark and back, white and shameless – chain
Manifestation of the vices I’m allowed, tricks I must account for; ionnasenna
Clear of form and blest tse assim et, damned and asymmetrical. In nomine
Hircum repressed and atypical in the shape of Him my exercise, Father of
The oversize, the sheer and carnal energy to claim a hold of me, ahead and
Lost in liberty to say the words I mean, the acts that I’m forbidden. That murder
Fantasy is normal and murder reality is not; that we should be the faultless for
Exacting what’s unsure, pure and smelling of it, glory to degenerates that they
Shall all inherit, earth and the possessions of demonic in the blood. From the
Corner of the Eye I see them: hungry and unhesitant and just about to strike,
Prey upon the only thing that’s worth the holy effort, strong and stone unweath
Ered in the questions we leave out. A day will come when we shall meet and
Play upon creation. We will be the set intention of the gods we had to kill, the
Wills that lack fulfilment: You and I and everything that’s Great and cannot move.


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