Orat Zeppelin XVI (lighthouse blues)

It’s said to be sadness and still: something of kindness exudes in a shade of
Light blue, hue full of you; deep with the memory of ruin and rise, build and
Destruction. Tall and no wonder we’re falling again, clung to each other in
Struggling pose, holding the gun, triggering closer. Bullet is anything trust-
And un-worthy this far side of town, this pharos tocrator. Barbaric potential
Resurging at last, appearing to taste of the burst it creates, the work it gives
Shape to: magnus and nigrum and opiate GOD, hod to begin with; hot and
Aflame with a derelict urge, a faint recollection of pain as it was, the sorrow
It’s being. We keep to ourselves and obey he who knows, all Blind and all
Seeing: monolith house of the Old, the Outcoming, Upbringing – anointed
Confused and unyielding in harrowing mouth, tremble aloud, destroy by
Becoming. It hurts when I grow and it’s turning a problem to power, chaos
Devouring itself – a snake at each head and intending to stir from the strike,
Release from the habit: anything cruel and in lightning truth that I crave,
Revelation I’m having. A way to be you as I’m claiming a path of return,
A rite to reverse our expulsion from heaven. Explosion we know is the gate
We must push, the mark to surpass: traitor seducer and father of lies, evil
Enticing, heroin act in the tapping of blue and white veins, nameless in
Figures; transfiguration suggesting a spot to consider, a stop to be put to
The worst of our ways, last of our strayings. I long to be found and in saying
It know I have failed, that no-one is searching. Whatever I’ve learned they’re
Not teaching – it’s sad but releasing – and crashing I know where to go.


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