Orat Zeppelin XVII (misdirectionality)

From this day on there is no-one can say where we tread, the forces we
Wrestle and bring to a calm, blend with the river. Rushing and restless in
Liquid from one hand to foot, palm up to face you; smashing and shattered
And breaking up Saturn by two, greater than stasis and standard push off
Of the rule, start-up to transform you – metastic fantastic and strange, wont
To be handled by measure that changes abruptly to naught, aroused and
Distracting and hopelessly lost, endlessly searching. A guide in agreement
With virtues that drown in the sorrow, the spirit we borrow to keep us in
Check, alert and investing in anything new. One girl, two cups and the
Promise of you come to your potential; foolish boy’s intention of experience
In flesh, the process as regressing vile and violently to nothing. We revert,
And we see everything is passible of strength, ungirthed and confusing;
Elemental fusion of each power in its place, every weakness its replacement.
The world fades on and we take function for a matter of our choice, a thing
We can delay on. Love in the expansion of fluid; eternal renewal one drop
At a time, one gush at a go, one flood as the final direction from God.


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