Orat Zeppelin XVIII (better moons)

Full noon, and staring anxiously at shadow on a surface, mirror dripping
Image of companion next to me, double hanger symmetry of sequence
In the circle, sharp and undeserving of the cuts and remedies, relax and
Lathe upon me dragging hand in bleeding flesh, careless and caressing
In resisting fluid drive, dud ambition; shine and revelation in a mud and
Liquid speech, sighing softly of relief and reaching for a shift in conscious
Mess. Under vigil moon we gather in a mood of blood and dance, sullen
Ambience reflecting silver quick, shiver heavy licking and a slivering re
Pulse, compulsion: retraction in exalted orphic ritual, the world beneath
A sense of sentimentalism, sensual dead symbolism coded in the crescent,
Expectation that’s ambivalent as word of mouth advances. Tearing of a
Curtain in suburban district light, white and artificial; feelings and thoughts
And an evil that rises strengthened by the tide, marooned and procellarum.
Vicious near a barren way of seeing through the theia – smooth explosive
Carrier enamelled in the ton, texture of a tab that’s melting sweet upon
The tongue, fizzing in the gentle better means of lunacy.


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