Orat Zeppelin XIX (darker suns)

Same sun, lighter shadow – under the weight of unwanted the shallow
Prediction comes true: bearded Apollo is sorry to see you agrief in distress,
Akin to aggressive in feminine sport, passive and hopeless and wont to
Forgive, acede to come near me. As lonely as god I am barely the image
Of warm, the form of ideal: union sworn in the flood of illuminate two,
Twin breaking from you and grim to the touch – brim to the edge – young
To imagine this silent and strange, appal belvedering. Statue in briefs and
Appearing to speak from expere, ex-patrus and nearing a too-close to care,
Too clean to be worthy. Exposure is only as loud as allowed us by being pro
Verse, culture as posing as valid a threat as is nursing us back to the sick,
Weakness as needing a breast to draw from, torso affronting the flow of
Divine, salty and spineless. Promise me this: sunburst and blind we’ll resist,
Shine on them. Aggravate still and oracular worse, optical surely – a mess
Of a man to go through, get through to; nitrogen waste in obscure thought
Upon you. Meaning to take and drink off you as dawn early does, thrust
And derisive in slumberous rush, solar and wondrous; time as encompassed
In figure that swallows, hollow vein sorrow that creeps up on me, says it will
See me in worship of Him, lean and mistaken: dark and the only of wheels
I can carry, dangerous daring to put me to flame.


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