Orat Zeppelin XXII (an adept at rest or, t and x in comple_ equation)

Everyone dies, everything moves. You are the one immovable truth,
Inevitable mover, a pull that is firm and recovers from breathing in/
/out, roped and allowing to walk through the earth, pick a deser-
Ving impression of flesh from the rest of existence, incarnate and
Risen from blood wood and ash, dumb and regardless of feeling
What’s best, what’s bound to repress me. I soar, I am: MANY.
Aflame and millennial moving through Time, tearing through
Weakness, pointing out flaws in the service of man to his
God, faith that’s not working. Believing is anything
Vague and impure, leap in the colour of raging
Outside, venture the wildest of guesses to
Know: it is showing. An adept at rest is
Worth throwing off just to jump
First, claim a subversive if
Reckless perversion of
Wanting to see, need
Of the Freedom.
Tying a finger
To wrist, to
Face the

In the end, it is all a beginning.


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