Khedira, Shaqiri, Inbreeding

And as the out breathes, the mouth whispers: if one among many of sees us as death for what is, the debt is fortaken (arrears are pushed back as the sacrament vesture they are). Put on this earth to atone for the bodies I’ve risen I’ve tried to lie low, succumb to the reasoning Life must be worth, living I’m learning is easy to make. As the out gives, the out takes; somehow I am seen to be more than mistakes my ambition can bring. To be sure, I keep tripping – the floor is the calling I’m fond and admitting a numbness toward, an uneven warding of offers to god, icons to stand for the rites they prefer, the vices deterred over things I must try, forbidden and high on the list of allsin, erseir oss ephersynn – keep to your word and I mean to. As we build we become, when we fail we recover. You as the only are other to me, the silence that speaks when two worlds shall collide. I’m not special, you see. You’ve exhausted me. Soon it will come for its share, it will hold to its breath, it will tell me I–


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