Hod Complex

Says he do[es], breaks a horseshoe in the mouth of rush,
The pressure precedent: a heavy in the way of hang,
Nonheld that has me belly full and shoulder strong,
Tier traumatic and a hold on to the umph and ar and
Have it. As it has it all turns head away from hurt;
You are ten stories high if you’re a foot, and I keep
Diminishing. Danger country run down as the rum
Down that we up, the hateful nature that keeps
Nurturing a lift horse in the mouth, Trojan of a
Consort tearing up and in between, past and out
To get me as the urge it comes too close, it ventures
Deeper – lucky struck as breath and breathing of
A gospel in hod form, psychometric transformation.
Complex word in worthless taking of a meaning for
Its mark, a harm if you must have me. Love is simple,
You know: & forgiving. It is only by encouraging the
Quiet act that we speak up, learn to cover for what’s
Missing. Eighth in row, overflowing – and ashamed
To find a purpose in what mercy he keeps showing
Me. Admittedly: I shy from all that pushes me toward
The centre; as commitment meets dissent and I dis-
Tend heraclean muscle pretending I can tick, I can’t
Take it. There’s a joke on the world that says it must[n’t];
This is how I know we shall.


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