in spazz a brother sparks, in asking brother kindles;
able speak and spiddal stick is mannered to contend
the hit, play out the sombre dance in stints of chop,
herearch there slipping; once as found and twice as
willing to be sibling in the art, spastic paired or form
ed in spar of plastic measure overstas’ as is, is/was,
keeps being. he holds a candle to my heel and (seem
ingly) calls practice on perfection feeling close to
open ending – overbearing – underwhelming in er
asure of my shallow understanding in the moves as
I see fit, ultimate price as he is promising it – deliver
ance in the astonishing display of system grips, indiff
erence insisted as it takes too much of spits, roasted
to a crisp in dips of make it short: I’ll fix it. it ends.


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