Tab – let skip the form – steer clean the whit
from whiting out, black even further; equal
in the normal full of evil empty of; thought
a rebel but devoid of honest id-eology,
largest ego set upon the IMILLUSION
IMALLOWED, I’m a fool and you the crown
of ivy I shall claim, awesome in a way and,
failing me. All titles – let roam upon – are
heavy. As your hey in three II tells me hang
in there too, virgin water sober and attuned
to twin shear, demi-head: all-demanding.
Have in let slim of sorts, statuate in boxer
shorts, eroding. I say fight! (or go down
drinking); I say fine but keep explaining
what it takes of me to care, see you here
for all I fear is you afraid of loneliness.


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