madhorse.trojan [diskophore]

Frequent terminology includes (but is not limited to)
a basis of repetition,
the breaking of a p a t t e r n in this series of graphcurls,
type-errorrings – fist of tearing unit spreading worlds
and weights apart. Books in this example have always
been a sort of last resort, a way of rush expanding from
incision to the stream, blood not good not pumping;
ageing down by thinking just what should this do to
me, should I follow/keep on running? as each corner
turnt is only loose contouring as it starts, bulletswift
and surely taken much too much to heart but then so
WHY does this affect us? A blink in the drink is all it
takes, a simple slip in ease that makes the Beast of
all the difference. It is madness (so they say), and
also brilliance; distance is the only way of knowing
for a fact.


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