Pastel Cub (dark variant)

Beige of leg, beige of scent
Beige of hack and temperament across his breaking chest,
An aching back – bewilderment – a basic urge ascending
Through a wall of thist and smoke, pretend and caring of
A mass event in stoke, extinct/exciting – who I am and what
Keeps hiding at a surface from white skin, black eyes, grey
Teething. In a way of red and brace, unprepared yet unev-
ading of responsible by stash, to try and not resist if (through
some miracle) occurs; this love, it speaks in colours. Pastel
For short, commando shorts in classic form, washed off quip
And uniform. As of tight against its place, my shape it does
Condition and replace – if on[ly] by thinking – of an ailment
Revealing frantic figure in the flesh, sordid instrument in
Making. Rage of man, rage of left again – pervading.


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