St. Christopher ere the Cannoning

Here between the loud and lean, the bark and breaking –
Histophoric made engaging with a culture it cuts from,
Bleeds into – ritual praxis as turned to with a fervour
For the plead, the bleak position. Any number of ways
In which holding is also a step tow’r’d what hurts yet
I, in all pain, keep carrying. These are burdens from
Which harrowing yet deeply satisfactory impulse
Occurs – I look now to see how, in all forms, you
Deserve to be punished.
Holy compliance determines that provenance be of
A purpose in giving out Justice to Men – and something
In Christopher knows what it means to say when, to stop
Preaching. The word he means, it draws an accusation.
It is in simple acts of seeing that the key to disbelieving
Bridges far – mends all over – turns again to bones and
Under to bring forth an anxious cure, the straddle ailment;
Medication causing lumber sleeves and making me turn
Absolute to relative, generic to specifically attuned to
Heave & howl, the mere replacement. In seven steps
This operation is most crucial as it starts – and here
We are – transforming.


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