Hagal, Nadal, Endgameing

As does need two hands to hold, eight mouths to feed
to tease beginnings – like strife in demonstrate of Death,
this thin, earthen layer in progression of slow that is beast
to behold, a ground where to breed is to blow, feels better
to stick to Hello, Keep going, Come to your senses now; know:
bearings in tricks of event, ex-passive as sentient abates, the
sentiment warns of non-state, this still waiting. Like Hell in
a series of build, Kapodistrict yngvil, kai ko agathos presbyt-
or adult- /erous wreck: it’s joke, it’s not sensible.
in my hands – it wants leash –
it craves punishment.
I blame Ares – hippie parents –
poorly spread-out social skill and then
– all through highschool – the will to power.
Hagalaz in loose, improvised misuse of fortune in stride,
A stupidest pride – our redemption. Ice wide and black faced
and all hiding – cast to the side as explosing of a begging king in
ask, restless side withholding for the bark and barely heard,
oddly tied enticing or, discourage from the split across the ails
or worse: this failure. Morality in turns and still: [too] faint to
bear the principle. As sacred = saddening; Love it just keeps
bothering and you – through all let dead and lose – led, carved
and used like dash on reckless slate – H-rune in crisis and stating:
“Don’t fix what we should break before it breaks us.”


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