Leatherjaw (the grinding of bones as they expand)

It’s less a weapon than you think.
It’s not quite contemplation in this mode of speaking –
Rather something harsh to touch, robust and unappealing.
It resists this. It demands its definition.
Still by thinking up new words to give this feeling such a
Stupid name I know – the rhyme denounces it my own –
Four letters wrong – and meaning: to command a sun to
Still, this one unwilling to fulfill: his shadow form; unveil
Revealing by transformed – tormented – healing.
As if some ritual of harm could turn this stuttering around;
Provide old sounds to share the reading (as is read) to acts
Of seeing myself stare – loaded to the neck with death –
And wearing braided charms of fiber tear, cable ready.
So that letting of my weight becomes – by ample drop,
In frequent turns – this awareness I deserve to see the
World – through blur and flare – care and stir – nice
And evident – despairing.


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