Yuzi Possedis (a kick akin to relaxation)

Dare I indulge? Or does the absence that precedes me
Clear the space I need to see my path ahead?
Here is body at the surface I’ve prepared, marble-white
In singing praises to a state of vacant mind, these dead
Eyes staring and determined to resist, set fixed glance
On what’s effectively suppressed (or some would say,
Altogether disappeared). It pertains to a fear of choice,
Specific sphere of conflict – wherein devoid of moral act,
The same applies to counteract my plurals in exact,
Demanding singular. You may toy with facts, and you
May toy with the Idea – you may leave a trail of words
Back to the worship I deserve, but leave this decision
To me. Every heartbreak has its story. Victory is made
From what’s entirely a purest thing, surest thinking.
There to indulge – or else to atone – for submitting.


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