To strain, or let the palate think itself selective.
As stag in a leper house might do, the act of coming
Clean could come right off you, thrill to the base of
Cut as you spill from the same tense gut you’ve filled
With a liquid pour, fire manifest in restive metaphor;
The best of my tearing urge to play an active role in
Loss – abandon to the sense – learn to keep by accident
As close to the skin I can. This is the all I own; what
Little I still care for. I am not a wealthy man. Still by
The measure of the trade I’ve picked, the interests
I keep in check – some shape of value is peaked,
And offered: in all manner of disgust, this waste.
To res-, or let what’s restless take some way in
Resolution – impressive or, restituting. Danger
Is a dogtag worn on neck, ankle-black in ink
Professing what the message is/could be.
It comes to me now in desperate moan.
Suggesting pain. Demanding sobriety.
It feels like the fix is sure – for him
Perhaps – just not for me.


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