Vazem Veimary

Vaz laszar dev vàres feqe
Vaz laszar dev tuszede ame ivz vazem iszar meginde
Ivz inde-bétarý vazone
Ivz vazem-vinarèmíg úr len barè
Ivz len velarè sëm vazem velare
Szarq ivz bétar naszim egyedés
Menz ivz bét, menz ivz bétar vaz-egyedim

Ivz vètar se bétar farastim
Valiz vaz w ivz
Bétar-se egész ivzés?
Ivz vèt-bétartén egész vazés
W ivz tàle, itz tàle
Se bétar valiq, vaz bétar valiq tárgyem ivz sëm vètè vàlymei
Har ivz vinszar, hog’ivz odszar bétar vazés-egyenem
W ivzas drage, ivz vazem veimarý
W ivzas drage, ivz vazem veimarý

W res irszarè ëv?
Vàle novem-irdarè nagy-hos
W ivz evem-evzar im qott tén ivz naszim egyedés vazone, nye
W ivz qetar se-lasze irsze
Szarq egész úr-irdùt bétar ivzas uverim, feqùt w har irdùthát meginde

Ivz vètar se bétar farastim
Valiz vaz w ivz
Bétar-se egész ivzés?
Ivz vèt-bétartén egész vazés
W ivz tàle, itz tàle
Se bétar valiq, vaz bétar valiq tárgyem ivz sëm vètè vàlymei
Har ivz vinszar, hog’ivz odszar bétar vazés-egyenem
W ivzas drage, ivz vazem veimarý
W ivzas drage, ivz vazem veimarý


Hagal, Nadal, Endgameing

As does need two hands to hold, eight mouths to feed
to tease beginnings – like strife in demonstrate of Death,
this thin, earthen layer in progression of slow that is beast
to behold, a ground where to breed is to blow, feels better
to stick to Hello, Keep going, Come to your senses now; know:
bearings in tricks of event, ex-passive as sentient abates, the
sentiment warns of non-state, this still waiting. Like Hell in
a series of build, Kapodistrict yngvil, kai ko agathos presbyt-
or adult- /erous wreck: it’s joke, it’s not sensible.
in my hands – it wants leash –
it craves punishment.
I blame Ares – hippie parents –
poorly spread-out social skill and then
– all through highschool – the will to power.
Hagalaz in loose, improvised misuse of fortune in stride,
A stupidest pride – our redemption. Ice wide and black faced
and all hiding – cast to the side as explosing of a begging king in
ask, restless side withholding for the bark and barely heard,
oddly tied enticing or, discourage from the split across the ails
or worse: this failure. Morality in turns and still: [too] faint to
bear the principle. As sacred = saddening; Love it just keeps
bothering and you – through all let dead and lose – led, carved
and used like dash on reckless slate – H-rune in crisis and stating:
“Don’t fix what we should break before it breaks us.”


or, Satan Exulting Over Adam

the age it brags – it drags ascended as the low may go,
a mid may venture down ecstatic path, ascetic entered
into vicious route, contempted absolute – best as may
be tempted by a man within his right – his study for a
Christ denounced as orthodoxish pride, correct to the
illusion of a point he makes in spite, spit and speaking
loudly. so emerging from the depth – wet and carrying
the head of man who did baptise us, and yet: does still
surprise us by: this way he moves in. failing discourse
or, insemination – of a flim in false ideal, frail in forced
appeal to say – you’re better as a rookie may our Lord
ship show you mercy. it is confidence you say is earned;
soft of lip where you have turned from matter, all this
sullen waste. breath through which replacing me has
been (at best) severe, sincerely disheartening. growth
it does you well but feeling small is not of size; it tears
from something inside. you’re clothed in shoe of straw,
eschewed and raw from absence; yet nothing speaks
of turbulence as well as you supine.

St. Christopher ere the Cannoning

Here between the loud and lean, the bark and breaking –
Histophoric made engaging with a culture it cuts from,
Bleeds into – ritual praxis as turned to with a fervour
For the plead, the bleak position. Any number of ways
In which holding is also a step tow’r’d what hurts yet
I, in all pain, keep carrying. These are burdens from
Which harrowing yet deeply satisfactory impulse
Occurs – I look now to see how, in all forms, you
Deserve to be punished.
Holy compliance determines that provenance be of
A purpose in giving out Justice to Men – and something
In Christopher knows what it means to say when, to stop
Preaching. The word he means, it draws an accusation.
It is in simple acts of seeing that the key to disbelieving
Bridges far – mends all over – turns again to bones and
Under to bring forth an anxious cure, the straddle ailment;
Medication causing lumber sleeves and making me turn
Absolute to relative, generic to specifically attuned to
Heave & howl, the mere replacement. In seven steps
This operation is most crucial as it starts – and here
We are – transforming.

The N-Group Burial

This is like: my son’s body and I say it because a part of it begins with
Me too. In original seam, invisible thread of parting – fold from where
All started is the flood they warned would come, begins arriving;
Prophecy of harm inside me that feels different of its form, aware
That its condition travels (mostly) through this air: a void between us.
There is a code that must be followed in the efforts of creation;
I, alike all askew gods, prefer to stray from the norm.
As good in honest smile lies close, the weight of distance carries over;
These are features no other could father this well, bear in sporadic
Showing of its better as bane – at times tame – others barely.
Infant unprepared to face a burial in arms, deliver from this corner
An allotment of its burden – poor description of our placement –
Small account of how he’s suffered at the hands of all I’m saying.
So now they come to the graveyard and pray, ask for forgiveness or,
Punishment in wounded shapes – some bitter aspect of wrong in
Gape in respect to what has happened. I tell them: and the silence
Can’t offend them. This is the space to pretend I have answered
All their prayers.

Coathroat, Coatlicue

if this is my cue to resist, I will take it –
I emerge from bluest of said ice,
most textured of transparent –
and less out of pressure than want
the figure that I have resolved
to lay waste to takes shreds
and lost specks of life in you.
so that sombre in staring down knees,
the pulse of impatient that breathes
is also the measure I see I must
fit down to absolute size, absolve
from some punishment leading to
certain yet unjust reward.
as mother of sunburst and war
breeds comfort from holding down
awe to effective/disastrous result:
tumultuous, ending.
and drinking of pouring off palms
this liquid takes tangible form;
a fountain is left to provide for.
the origin turns on its source
delivers intentional harm and
what’s worse: supports it.
through punch and lick,
device and trick play scathing
wage, inflict of anything worth
having. until in swollen tongue
it speaks; the honour of this art
forbids all possible manner of slur,
the impediment means we prefer
to be silent. as from forced growth
we learn to cut throats; then
feel we deserve to repent.

Pastel Cub (dark variant)

Beige of leg, beige of scent
Beige of hack and temperament across his breaking chest,
An aching back – bewilderment – a basic urge ascending
Through a wall of thist and smoke, pretend and caring of
A mass event in stoke, extinct/exciting – who I am and what
Keeps hiding at a surface from white skin, black eyes, grey
Teething. In a way of red and brace, unprepared yet unev-
ading of responsible by stash, to try and not resist if (through
some miracle) occurs; this love, it speaks in colours. Pastel
For short, commando shorts in classic form, washed off quip
And uniform. As of tight against its place, my shape it does
Condition and replace – if on[ly] by thinking – of an ailment
Revealing frantic figure in the flesh, sordid instrument in
Making. Rage of man, rage of left again – pervading.